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About Me

My name is Alan Cashman.  I am a Professional Sports Handicapper.  I am a life long fan of sports and feel I offer a perspective that can be helpful.   I am more of a conservative style bettor.  I am looking for quality bets over quantity.  I post my plays publicly, usually right before or after a game begins.  You won't have to go in blindly if you decide to choose my service.   

This is a long term venture.  Look at betting as a season.  You can view one month as a season.  Track your success that way and manage your money accordingly.  Don't try to get rich in one night because you can go broke just as easy in one night.

I have several choices to join, often less than $2 per week.  You won't find a better offer out there from another reputable handicapper for the amount of information I will provide you, including Analytic Game Projections.  I am charging for my time.  

I am a straight shooter.  I am not going to BS you with terms like "Lock Of The Year".  There is no such thing as a "Lock" .  I analyze every game and look for reasons why we could lose and use that to determine what games to send to you and what games to leave alone.  There is always a reason we could lose a game and it is misleading and irresponsible to say something is a Lock to a customer who is relying on your advice on how to invest his money.   

If there is not a play that I like on a particular night, I am not going to send you a pick I don't feel good about just for the sake of sending a pick.  A lot of other services may do this but I will never do this. There are always games tomorrow to bet.  This is a long term venture and not a get rich quick endeavor.  We are looking to profit every 30 days.  

I will rate picks based on how strong I feel about them.  There are 4 ratings and I advise all Members to devise their own system/bet amounts for those 3 ratings and stick to those amounts, based on your bankroll.  Everyone's bankroll is different so I do not advise specific amounts.  

I am happy to answer any questions you have about anything regarding sports.  

Basic Ratings

1. Normal

This is a wager that I feel fairly confident in.  This would be your "max" bet.   Again, I advise using the same $ amount for each Normal bet.

2. Medium  

This is an average pick.  Will probably be the most common play for football.  

3. Small  

The smallest play.  If I am sending the pick, I see something that warrants it.  I don't send out guesses or flip a coin type games to Members.  Lack of confidence in a team despite confidence in some the numbers/history may cause a pick to be downgraded to a Small Lean.  This is your smallest type of wager.  

Stay disciplined with your bet amounts based on pick ratings.  

Again, this is a long term venture and there are more games tomorrow to bet on!  

I look forward to working with you.  

More About Me

Favorite Teams

MLB: Cincinnati Reds

NFL: Chicago Bears

College: Indiana Hoosiers

Favorite Athletes:

Larry Bird, Pete Rose, Walter Payton