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I joined Dan Dakich on 8/29 To Discuss IU, Purdue and Colts

Listen each week as I join the Dan Dakich Show and hear Dan Mon-Fri from 12-3 pm on 1070 The Fan 

I Joined The Dan Dakich Show To Discuss CFB and NFL Season

$149 All sports picks, 1 year

Dan Patrick On Kyler Murray 8/19

Pat McAfee Talks with Colts GM Chris Ballard

It doesn't have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to get honest advice on sports betting.  I will give you honest, affordable advice, often less than $20 per month.  This is a science and you can profit if you stay disciplined.   I look forward to working with you.

Alan Cashman

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Meet Alan Cashman

Meet Alan Cashman


My name is Alan.  I am a Professional Sports Handicapper.  I am a life long fan of sports and feel I offer a perspective that can be helpful.   I am more of a conservative style bettor.  I am looking for quality bets over quantity.  99% of what I send to Members is posted publicly.

I am a straight shooter.  I am not going to BS you with terms like "Lock Of The Year".  There is no such thing as a "Lock" .  I analyze every game and look for reasons we could lose and use that to determine what games to send to you and what games to leave alone.  

There is always a reason we could lose a game and it is misleading and irresponsible to say something is a Lock to a customer who is relying on your advice on how to invest his money.  If there is nothing I like on a particular night, I am not going to send you a pick I don't feel good about just for the sake of sending a pick.  A lot of other services may do this but I will never do this.  I would rather credit your account versus sending you a pick that I am not completely behind.  

There are always games tomorrow to bet.  

This is a long term venture and not a get rich quick endeavor.  We are looking to profit every 30 days. 

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